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About Me

Over the last few years, I began praying for God to direct my life on how He wanted me to serve Him whether vocationally or in the ministry. Through the death of my grandfather, a retired missionary and pastor, I realized that life is too short to waste. I was burdened to see how the Lord could use me. It was shortly after this that Korea was placed on my heart. I began to pray and ask the Lord for direction in regards to helping or serving in South Korea.


My home church has a missionary family serving in South Korea. I began to pray specifically for their ministry and was excited to see them as they were coming  back on furlough.Through various meetings with them, trusted godly mentors, and my family, I knew the Lord was calling me to serve Him through missions, specifically in South Korea. As a result of His direction in my life, I am answering that call to serve Him in South Korea with the Gospel to refugees and young adults through sports, arts, and teaching English.


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My Field

South Korea

South Korea is home to about 51.74 million people. Heavily influenced by Confucianism, the Korean culture is built upon respect and morality. However, many claim to be unreligious. Searching for fulfillment through works and honor, the Korean people need the Lord. 

I am excited to start in Seoul for language school while helping various ministries during my time. After language school, I will be involved with refugee work in South Korea. 

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I am grateful to be sent out of Friendship Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC pastored by Bob Vradenburgh (who was a missionary in Grand Cayman years ago). I am grateful to the Friendship church body for their guidance, accountability, prayer & financial support!

Global Faith Missions Agency serves as my mission board both while completing pre-field ministry & once on the field. They seek to serve along side my sending church, as well as other partnering churches & individuals, by providing financial, logistical and administrative help to me.

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Thank you for your willingness to pray and partner with me for my ministry in South Korea. Your prayers and monthly financial support assist my language acquisition, refugee ministries, and other outreach opportunities.


  • Pre-field Ministry & Expenses

  • Monthly Support

  • Saving for Outfit & Passage

  • Shipping Costs for belongings 

Once on the Field:

  • Language School

  • Refugee Ministries

  • Camp Outreach

  • Discipleship Training

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