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A Bit of Background

My name is Ashley Huskey.  was privileged to grow up in a Christian family with a godly heritage on both sides of my family. Through my parents and grandparents testimonies and faithful witness, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior at the age of eight when I realized I was a sinner and could do nothing to get to heaven. I knew that Jesus paid for my sin and was the only way to save me from my sin and eternal separation from Him. I was able to attend a Christian school where I learned more about the Lord, but also about the way God made me unique to serve Him. 


From an early age, I have loved both art and sports. My interests in both the arts and sports led me to pursue my post-high school studies. I enjoy using these not only recreationally and professionally, but also through a means of Gospel advancement. 


Over the last 3 years, the Lord truly worked in my heart to bring me to the end of myself but also near to His heart. After the death of my grandfather, who was a retired missionary and pastor, the Lord used this tragedy to convict me. Time is short. Eternity is near. And people are dying each day without hope. I know that my Hope is Jesus Christ. Through various events following my grandfather’s funeral, I began to learn Korean as a way to connect with a cousin. The Lord used this to further my interest in the Korean people. I began to pray specifically for them, for the salvation of them, and for the Lord to open a door for me to potentially serve them. 


I began to be burdened for a people I had never seen, never visited, or met. However, I knew of a family serving in South Korea. I began to pray specifically for their ministry and was excited to see them as they were coming  back on furlough. This was last year. Through various meetings with them, trusted godly mentors, and my family, I knew the Lord was calling me to serve Him through missions, specifically in South Korea.

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